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Professional Organizing and Daily Money Management Services
for Older Adults

Concierge Services:

*Rates are hourly

Call 239-586-8966 to begin your Concierge Services

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"Janet is the consummate professional - wise, trustworthy, experienced, compassionate, and highly competent.  I highly recommend her for your financial organizing needs."

EF, Small Business Owner 

Filing Systems


Organizational supplies are available. Additional charges may apply. 

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We implement filing systems to fit your personal needs and choice.  It can be a simple file box on top of your desk or inside a filing cabinet. Documents and statements are sorted and organized, weeding out unnecessary papers, and then filed in their respective customized folders for easy retrieval. 


Essential documents can also be placed in a more elaborate fireproof box with a lock for added protection and security.  Combination fireproof and waterproof boxes are also available.

For those that desire a paperless system, paperwork and documents can be scanned and stored on a computer or USB flash drive. Extra flash drives can also be made for family members or trusted advisors.

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