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I look forward to helping you become better organized, achieve peace of mind, and gain confidence.

"Peace of Mind and Freedom"

Transitioning from my home to assisted living was very overwhelming.  Janet helped me move into my new apartment and had everything set up and neatly organized within a few hours.  All my financial, legal, tax, and medical documents are labeled and stored in a few file boxes; and she regularly stops by to review my papers and file my statements. This has given me peace of mind and freedom to do the things that I enjoy doing.  Janet is very perfectionistic, always considerate, and is a real pleasure to work with.

Mary F

"Easy to Understand Filing System"

I wanted to offer my sincere thanks for all your help in organizing my financial records. It was overwhelming with all of the statements I had accumulated, and you brought order to the chaos.  I still cannot believe how you were able to consolidate all my documents into two file boxes! The filing system you set up is easy to understand, and you have given me peace of mind knowing all is in order.  You are such a kind, caring person who is willing to go “above and beyond”.  I look forward to having you help me with other projects in the future!

Amy F

"I Feel More Confident"

Admittedly, I am not the best at understanding or organizing my personal finances. Working with Janet was an absolute pleasure! With her extensive knowledge and considerable experience, Janet was able to assist me in setting my financial goals. The patient, explanatory approach in which Janet operated made me feel at ease, and dare I say, more confident in taking ownership over my finances.  I was extremely satisfied with the service SWFL Silver Solutions provided.

Scott B

"Tax Pre Organized Stressfree:

Janet displayed a complete understanding of my challenges managing paper.  Her background in financial services helped get my taxes organized quickly.  She developed a system that I can manage.  She's also willing to help me tweak the system as needed.  Being around a calm and confident organizer is helpful for seniors.   I recommend her highly.

Michele B

"Financial Organizing"

Janet is the consummate professional - wise, trustworthy, experienced, compassionate, and highly competent.  I highly recommend her for your financial organizing needs.

EF, Small Business Owner 

Organization Helps to Reduce Stress and Create a Healthier Life with Peace of Mind

Janet Parkhurst

Professional Organizer

Naples, FL

Insured and Bonded